At the very outset I extend a hearty welcome to all viewers of this site. That Eastern Karbi Anglong College has surpassed Sixteen years of its glorious existence is a matter of great joy and satisfaction for me. I would be thankful to those people of its locality who has offered helping hand for the growth of this institution from its cradle into the present state of its own destiny. This space of this website has offered me the opportunity to be nostalgic of its own past as well as inspiration to steer the future course of the college. Yes,"We are the veterans of creative suffering" as told by Martin Luther King Jr. we should be guided by the essence of this great saying. Though we suffer setback of our dreams and prospects very often, yet we should remind ourselves that the honesty of purpose and patience of clinging to it would carry us towards our goal finally.

All the facilities and infrastructural need for the students befitting a modern institution is still a dream for us. We do hope, the day comes very soon and EKAC would be a fertile soil of all round development of the students. In this regard I would like to mention with a sense of pride that the "Assam Venture Educational Institutions Provincialisation of Services Act, 2011(Amended 2012)" has been implemented in our institution boosting the status of the college as well as mitigating the suffering of the staff members who have been serving in the college going through the ordeal of life for long. Hope the govt. of Assam would extend its helping hands in the days to come, aligning all the inequalities and problem with a considerate eye and filial attitude.

Dr. Anil Chandra Das
Eastern Karbi Anglong College

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