Emblem & MOTTO

The Emblem of the college comprises the rising Sun from behind the hills. In the Centre is the open Book. These are surrounded by the name of the college in a semi-circle. The whole emblem is encircled by the motto of the college just below the open book and a Traditional Karbi Shawl at the bottom of the symbol which holds the year of establishment of the college.The rising sun symbolizes progress and development and the light of knowledge dispelling darkness and ignorance.
The hills symbolize the physical features of Karbi Anglong and the hilly life of the local people. The open Book symbolizes Universal knowledge open for mankind. The Traditional Karbi Shawl reflects the age-old culture of the Karbi people.


The Motto of the college "Lead kindly Light" is taken from a Sanskrit Sloka. The meaning of the motto is to lead the people from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge.

Medium of Study

In General the medium of instruction in Degree level is English. However, the medium of instruction for the H.S. classes is both English and Assamese.

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