Examination Pattern


i. Group/Unit wise questions should be there with at least one alternative question for each question to be answered. Questions will cover all units of the syllabi.
ii. 5 questions are to be answered each of 10 marks(for non practical subjects) and 7 marks (for practical subjects).
iii. There will be no separate distribution of objective type questions but these may be included along with other questions.
iv. Marks should be split like 1,2,3... And should not be more than 10 marks for a portion of non practical subjects and 7 marks for practical subjects.

Objective type (in one or two words) 20%
Very short answer type (in one or two sentences) 20%
Short answer type (three to five sentences) 30%
Broad type and critical (marks in between 5-10) 30%

Unit Tests (compulsory) must be within :

Odd semester :
1st test : July/August
2nd test : September/October

Even semester :
3rd test: January/February
4th test: February/March

For each test of 25 marks, qualifying mark is 10 (40%). If any candidate fails to attend or obtain qualifying marks then only one special test may be arranged before the submission of application forms and fees for the examination.

Eligibility criteria for admission in examination :

i) One should have 75% of attendance both in theory and practical papers. 65% attendance may be considered only on special ground as justified and certified by the Principal.
ii) One should have to qualify in the Unit tests securing at least 40% of marks.

Syllabi preparation :

i) Name of the paper (concise form) should be given for each paper.
ii) Papers are designed as 101, 102,.... for first sem, 201,202,... for second sem and 601,602,....for sixth or final semester alongwith approved abbreviation of the subject. E.g. for English Hons- ENGH-101, For English Pass- ENGP-101, for General English- ENGG-101 and for Alt. English- ENGL-101 and so on.

iii) Class hours must be maintained for each paper. 75 hours for each theory paper of non practical subjects. 20-30 hours for each practical paper.
iv) Contents may be group/unit wise. All papers of a subject either Honours or pass subjects are of Uniform pattern.

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